Asia-Pacific Virtual Youth Summit

In celebration of the Youth SDG Challenge 2018, and in conjunction with the 11th Asia-Pacific Regional RCE Meeting and Symposium, the first Asia-Pacific Virtual Youth Summit will be held on 24 September, 2018. This initiative is led by the Asia-Pacific Youth Regional Coordinators, Brittany Hardiman (RCE Greater Western Sydney) and Emmy Rusadi (RCE Yogyakarta).

In February this year, the first preliminary Asia-Pacific Youth SDG Challenge commenced, focusing on the SDGs, specifically Goal 13 (Climate Action) and Goal 14 (Life Below Water). Asia-Pacific Youth were invited to make a difference in their local communities with on-the-ground projects that address their community needs and the goals. Collectively, approximately 10,000 youth have been engaged, having worked on 20 youth-led projects in Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Colombia and Australia. This virtual youth summit will celebrate these achievements and hear from the youth who participated.

Participants are invited to join for this online, free event to celebrate the Youth SDG Challenge 2018, and to use the hashtag #apvirtualsummit to share photos and videos during the live stream. The webinar is open to all, from anywhere in the world, of any age (not only youth).

In addition, RCEs are asked to consider hosting live streaming events of the webinar at their local schools or campuses to share these presentations globally and to support our young speakers.

Date: Monday, 24 September, 2018

Time: 1.30pm - 5.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST +10:00)

Where: Online Webinar via Zoom (registration link below)

Registration is essential as this is a closed webinar. Please register your attendance here. Note that only those who have registered will receive a link to access the virtual summit.