Secondary Schools ESD Quiz Competition, RCE Kano

RCE Kano is organizing the maiden edition of its annual quiz competition among some selected private and public secondary schools from 16th October to 1st December, 2017.

The first three weeks will be for sensitization, document sharing and training of the participating schools and students. The frame will be divided into four stages, the general, quarter, semi and final stages.

The Quiz will take place in three stages on 27th November, 29th November, and 1st December 2017. 

The full concept note can be downloaded here.

Update: 12 July, 2018

Photo credits: RCE Kano

RCE Kano's maiden quiz competition, held towards the end of 2017, engendered critical thinking and transformative learning amongst students in Nigeria through its ESD debate: 

  • Students acquired knowledge on ESD, SD, SDGs and GAP as well as understood the nexus of the three pillars of development
  • The event brought both the schools and the students closer to global agendas on education and sustainability and increased awareness towards them
  • Students were able to make informed decisions and know the roles they can play in the implementation of ESD and in achieving sustainable development
  • The relevance of sustainability in secondary schools curricula was revealed
  • The event provided concrete examples to abstract concepts to the benefits of the schools, the students and the society

Below are video links of the 'RCE Kano ESD/SDG Secondary Schools Quiz Competition 2017 edition' by episodes: