Powerful Youth Ambassador Schools Program


Coordinated by the Office of Sustainability, Western Sydney University (host to RCE Greater Western Sydney) in partnership with a number of our RCE network members, 100 students from 10 local high schools participated in a one-day forum with a series of hands on workshops including building a solar car to measuring light and temperature with a range of digital meters.

At the end of the day, students took their new found knowledge to develop and illustrated their own take-home poster to encourage their family, friends and school to be more sustainable (see images attached). Out of all the submission 3 designs where selected to be reproduced, branded and printed for distribution across the local government area and University.

The program also had a small amount of seed funding available for the school’s to apply for to turn their sustainability ideas into reality. Some of the funded projects included measuring equipment to conduct energy audits at school for students in science and maths to analyse for potential consumption and the replacement of disposal cutlery with eco-friendly cutlery as a means to save money for a solar panels installation in the long run.

This program was funded under the Blacktown Energy Imitative by Western Sydney Community Forum in partnership with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.