RCE Kuching - 2021




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Image icon Homepage PANDei ePelancongan.PNG (870.51 KB) Homepage PANDei e-Pelancongan
Image icon No. of Learners as of 23 Aug 2021.PNG (372.94 KB) Course Learners
Image icon Homepage Responsible Tourism Module.PNG (644.04 KB) Homepage Responsible Tourism Module
Image icon Module 1a RT Intro.PNG (796.92 KB) Module 1 Responsible Tourism Introduction
Image icon Module 1 RT Intro activity.PNG (78.09 KB) Module 1 activities
Image icon Module 2a 5R.PNG (460.63 KB) Module 2 5Rs
Image icon Module 2c 5R Pledge activity.PNG (305.07 KB) Module 2 activity
Image icon Module 3 Do's & Dont's.PNG (531.04 KB) Module 3 Do's & Dont's
Image icon Module 3 activity.PNG (96.75 KB) Module 3 activity
Image icon Module 4a Irresponsible Tourism.PNG (390.97 KB) Module 4 Irresponsible Tourism
Date of submission:
Thursday, August 19, 2021
Pandei Responsible Tourism Programme

Natural ecosystem as this programme covers responsible tourism in all aspects of the natural ecosystem

RCE Cebu - 2021


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Image icon Cebu1.jpg (203.06 KB) Training Sessions of Fisherfolks by the project implementer with the pre-service teacher adapting the Reflect-Share-Act Guide for Community -Based ESD. Jedidah Boko
Image icon Cebu2.png (396.14 KB) Fisherfolks with the women and their children transplanting mangrove seedlings at the mangrove rehabilitation site. Jedidah Boko
Image icon Cebu3.jpg (32.45 KB) Implementation of the developed dialect reading materials among early graders. Jedidah Boko
Date of submission:
Friday, August 6, 2021
Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge in Mangrove Protection and Conservation: A Climate Action – PNU Visayas Community-Based ESD