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Olga María Bermúdez
Marcela Lombana
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Director RCE Bogota
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During the year 2010 the Environmental Education Network and the RCE Bogota has been carried out five Environmental Forums. These forums has been developed within the framework of the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development coordinated for UNESCO and have took place with the active participation of docents, students, researchers and citizenship in order to foster the environmental culture and the EDS.
Within these forums has always been present the principles named by Earth Charter as well as the interest in expanding the ethical values to contribute to achieve the sustainable development in our country.
The First Environmental Forum took place on March 25 and was led by IDEA-National University, the main subject of this forum was: "The importance of Biodiversity in Colombia". This event was developed through two presentations. The first one was in charge of the Dr June Marie Mow from the Cultural Ministry, who oriented her conference towards the importance of the diversity of languages in our country. According to her research there are 68 languages and unfortunately many of them are in danger of disappear.
The second presentation was in charge of Dr Olga María Bermúdez, profesoor at IDEA and Director of the RCE Bogota, who presented the results from the research about "The dialog of wisdom and Environmental Education" ("El diálogo de saberes y la Educación Ambiental"), work that has been taking place since the IDEA-UN with an interdisciplinary and intercultural team in which participate indigenous students of National University. The environmental vision from indigenous cultures differs from the occidental vision. For them, the environment is linked to their daily live and it is part of their knowledge, vision of the universe, allowing them to have respect and value for the natural resources. This is showed in the specific activities that indigenous cultures perform in daily life through a respectful management of their environment bearing in mind the effects that may influence the future.
The second Forum was in charge of the National Service of Learning – SENA, it was carried out on April 30, the main subject was: “Towards a Sustainable Organizational Culture”. Business people, technicians, students, professors, researchers and people interested in the subject of social and environmental responsibility of organizations attended to this forum. All these participants were invited to take part of the Environmental Services Network, which is organized by SENA.

The third Forum was organized by Colegio Mayor of Cundinamarca University and it was carried out on September 10. This forum was focus on the subject of “Traditional Medicine, looking at the cultural and biological diversity”, through the forum was reinforced the importance of biodiversity within the year dedicated to acknowledge this important issue.
The forth Forum was carried out by The Libre University of Colombia on September 24 in the auditorium of the faculty of engineering. This forum was oriented to analyze “The cultural diversity and the environmental school projects PRAE in both the urban and the rural”.
The fifth Forum was prepared by Santo Tomas University on November 3, the subject that oriented this forum was: “The cultural adaptation to climate change” which allowed the audience to explore the responses developed by the regional and locals communities, to mitigate and coping with climate change.
Further more than the Forums, at the end of the semester, on November 19 was carried out The First Pedagogic Workshop of Environmental Education, which counts with the participation of docents, researcher, students, members of NGO and citizenships. This conference or pedagogic working day it is in relation of the principles of Earth Charter and it has give special attention to the necessity of considering the environmental ethics within all the educative projects and programs that are been developed nowadays within the country.
Bellow it is possible to see the poster that gives information about the Forums and in which has been included the logo of the Earth Charter.
In 2011 we have scheduled to make five environmental forums
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