7th Americas Regional Meeting


25-27 October, 2018, Posadas, Argentina

The 7th Americas RCE Meeting will be hosted by RCE Cuenca del Plata in Posadas, Misiones, Argentina from 25th to 27th October with the support of the United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS).

The theme for the meeting will be ‘ESD, Conservation and Climate Change in the 2030 Agenda’.


Dates: 25-27 October, 2018

Location: Maitei Hotel Report & Spa



For details on the (tentative) programme, please kindly refer to the provisional agenda.



Registration is free for all participants, however accommodation, meals and travel arrangements are to be covered individually. 

Please ensure you complete Form A. The registration deadline is 11:59pm, Monday 3 September, 2018 (ART). ** Please note, the deadline for registrations has now closed. **



RCE Cuenca del Plata is securing rooms for RCE members at Maitei Hotel Resort & Spa.

If you wish to stay at Maitei Hotel Resort & Spa, please email RCE Cuenca del Plata (rcemeeting2018@rcecuencadelplata.org) under the subject: “Americas RCE meeting Maitei Hotel Resort & Spa Accommodation” by 11:59pm, Sunday 29 July, 2018 (ART). RCE Cuenca del Plata will provide you with a promotion code for a special room rate.

For reservations, each participant is requested to make a booking with the hotel directly using the promotion code. Please email the hotel (comercial@maiteihotelposadas.com) to make your reservation. Kindly be informed that hotel bookings after the above date and/or via other channels (i.e. online bookings, etc.) are unable to benefit from the special room rate. Please note that the number of available rooms is limited, and room reservations will be made on a first-come first-served basis.  

Maitei Hotel Resort & Spa

The hotel is located 600m from Posadas' airport.

Address: Av. Ulises López y Ruta Nacional 12. | 3300. Posadas. Misiones.

Phone: +54 (376) 444 2500

Website: http://www.hotelmaiteiposadas.com/

UNU-IAS funded participants will stay at this designated hotel and the room reservations will be made by the Global RCE Service Centre and RCE Cuenca del Plata. Please do not make your own reservations if your participation is funded by UNU-IAS.


Financial Support

RCE members are encouraged to explore and obtain funding from sources other than UNU-IAS, where possible, to help those without access to funding sources participate in this meeting. Financial support will be given to members of acknowledged RCEs ONLY. Please submit Form B, Form C and the RCE Profile form to the Global RCE Service Centre (rceconference@unu.edu) by 11:59pm, Friday 13 July, 2018 (JST). Please read the selection criteria and the terms and conditions carefully before applying for financial support, and please ensure the form is signed by the RCE coordinator. Incomplete or delayed applications will not be considered for selection. ** Please note, the deadline for applying for funding support has now closed. **


RCE Expert Database

At the request of the RCE community at the 6th RCE Americas Meeting (2017) in Vancouver, Canada, all RCEs are requested to develop a regional expert database for RCEs of the Americas by using the template here. The RCE Network represents one of the largest global networks of ESD experts and practitioners, and the database will help facilitate communication between RCE members and coordinators in order to see the full spectrum of experts working within each of the regions’ RCEs. Please download the template and submit it to the Global RCE Service Centre (rceconference@unu.edu) by Monday 1 October, 2018.


Visa Support Request

Participants that require a visa to enter Argentina, and are in need of support documents, please submit Section 2 in Form A along with a copy of your passport to the Global RCE Service Centre (rceconference@unu.edu). Please make sure to apply for the visa well in advance.

RCE Profile

Participants are asked to complete the RCE Profile form if they wish to apply for financial support (mandatory for financial support request applicants), or if they wish to update their profile. This will then be uploaded and available for the RCE community to view on the RCE Portal.


Form A - Registration Form
Form B - Financial Support Form
Form C - ESD Project Summary Sheet
RCE Profile form
RCE Expert Database Template