4th Global RCE Conference Montreal, Canada, 2009

The Fourth International RCE Conference 2009 was organised by UNU-IAS from 13-15 May 2009 in Montreal, Canada. The conference, hosted by RCE Montreal at theBiosphère, was held back-to-back with the the Fifth World Environmental Education Congress (5WEEC, Montreal, 10-14 May 2009).

The full programme, list of participants and presentations are available below.


Conference programme (pdf file, 181 KB)

List of participants (pdf file, 103 KB)

    13 May
Arjen Wals' presentation on assessment (pdf file, 312 KB)
        Clemens Mader's presentation on assessment (pdf file, 905 KB)

    14 May - morning plenary
        Arjen Wals on DESD monitoring and evaluation (ppt file, 1.1 MB). Wals presented in lieu 
        of Aline Bory Adams.
        Zinaida Fadeeva on future considerations for the RCE network (pdf file, 739 KB)
        Research progress (pdf file, 1.38 MB)
        Heila Lotz-Sisitka's report on learning and society (pdf file, 388 KB)

     14 May - afternoon sessions
        Solange Tremblay on communications for sustainable development (pdf file, 310 KB)
        ES magazine by Heloise Buckland, RCE Barcelona (pdf file, 2.9 MB)
        Roger Petry on RCE Saskatchewan communications (pdf file, 238 KB)

        Won J. Byun on RCE Tonyeong's fundraising (pdf file, 752 KB)
        Fundraising in southern Africa by Tichaona Pesanayi of RCE KZN (pdf file, 339 KB)
        Jos Hermans on EU fundraising (pdf file, 88 KB)
        Hani Sewilam on RCE Cairo's fundraising efforts (pdf file, 832 KB)

     15 May
        Plenary on thematic group discussions (pdf file, 1.33 MB)
        Plenary on continental group discussions (pdf file, 1.2 MB)

Montreal, Canada, 2009